Fitness Activity for Assisted Living Facilities

Looking for easy activities for seniors in Assisted Living Home?  Check out BalloFlex assisted living activity


Julie Buckeye is the creator of BalloFlex Fitness which is simple seated chair exercise classes taught by certified instructors. 


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Julie Buckeye is an accomplished dancer and fitness instructor helping Assisted Living activity directors and their senior citizen residents deliver a fun activity that engages the residents.


Fitness Activity for Assisted Living Facilities




Hello, my name is Julie Buckeye and I am the creator of BalloFlex Fitness.


I am so happy to announce that Woodside Village, a Brookdale Property, absolutely loves the BalloFlex program.


They run classes all the time a few times a month and we are inviting you and your friends and family to come join us for a class.


Please call the facility and find out how you can be part of this amazing dynamic program.


Thank you so much and keep moving.


To find out how you can get BalloFlex Fitness classes in your facility, drop me an email and we’ll send someone out to you.


To learn how you too can become a BalloFlex certified Assisted Living facility go to


Today’s senior communities strive to make fitness fun and dignified in order to encourage residents to view exercise as a pleasure rather than a chore.


Activities at senior centers should offer a lot more than bingo and balloon volleyball. BalloFlex is that new and unique senior living activity that directors and residents are raving about.


These facilities provide help with activities of daily living. Some help with care most people can do themselves like taking medicine, using eye drops, getting to appointments, or preparing meals. Residents often live in their own room or apartment within a building or group of buildings and have some or all of their meals together. Social and recreational activities are usually provided. Some of these facilities have health services on site. Not all assisted living facilities provide the same services. In most cases, assisted living residents pay a regular monthly rent, and then pay additional fees for the services they get. 


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Fitness Activities for Seniors In Assisted Living Facilities

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